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Калъф Lenovo Slot-in Case 13" /8880116293/

Код R52.172

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55,20 лв.
Код R52.172

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Описание • Dimension & Weight
334.6 mm x 205m x 18 mm

• The Yoga Slot-In Case is designed to add a layer of protection to your Lenovo Yoga 2. Dedicated port
openings allow you to use all of your connected devices with the covering in place, while the soft, earthy textured
material of the Case adds a supple layer of protection to your Yoga 2 ’s keyboard when in PAD mode – meaning
you won’t have to remove the case to benefit from any of the Yoga 2 ’s features.Unique structure design to specially
protect keyboard Unique material with “earth texture”, very comfortable and soft to the touch Special ports reserved
for easy using especially in the PAD mode.
Гаранционен срок 12 months

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